Fragile Removals

Worried about fragile items being broken and battered in your next move? Jetmove have expert removalists who understand the importance of carefully packing, placing and moving fragile items. Next time you move, make sure you talk to JetMove first about protecting your fragile belongings.

Glass Removal

Each time a piece of glass is moved, there is a tremendous risk of breaking it. We supply materials and specialised equipment to ensure that our professional and highly trained team is there for you to move any high risk glass item including mirrors, windows and screens.We are happy to move most sized items and with our high number or vans and trucks can move any item at very short notice.

Chandelier Removals

Expert and Delicate Removal of small or Large Chandelier

Our company has vast experience having spent many years in the chandelier removal business and can guarantee that there are no obstacles whatsoever to cope with any chandelier relocation and storage accurately.We consistently deliver high quality services, and assure our competent team can move any chandelier across Sydney, NSW and Australia 7 days a week and possess all necessary equipment to do so, whilst fully insured.

Picture Frames Specialists

At Jet move we offer a wide range of protective items such as bubble wrap / packing materials, blankets, cushioning pads as well as most types furniture covers that you need to make sure any type or size of frame is safe in storage or in transit.

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